(Following initial free 30 minute complimentary session)

For you to gain the optimum value from life coaching, it is important to make a commitment to the process.  Change can happen quickly.  But, sustaining change takes time and commitment. One on one coaching sessions are 50 minutes long.  They can be face to face or by telephone.  I find that telephone is best because there are no distractions and conversation is highly focused.  It is also convenient because geography is not an issue.  Life Coaches have found that genuine and sustained change occurs with approximately 12 sessions with an initial set scheduled on a weekly basis and the remaining scheduled as fits the unique situation of the client.

The pricing that follows is designed to create an incentive for you to commit to the coaching experience over time and provide the ultimate value to you.  Recognizing that sometimes fear, skepticism or finances play a part in the decision to hire a life coach, I am providing other alternatives for you to put a “toe or foot into the water”.   In every case, you receive unlimited email access to me between sessions. Many clients choose to have regular sessions after the first 12.    The terms of these additional sessions will be negotiated at that time.

“A la Carte”:    $100 per 50 minute session. (12 sessions = $1200)

“Toe in the Water” Package:   4 session “bundles” - $360 paid in advance (12 sessions = $1080)

“Foot in the Water” Package:  6 session “bundles” - $510 paid in advance (12 sessions = $1020) Includes a hardcopy of “Energy Leadership” by Bruce D. Schneider(retails @ $25)

"Commitment Package":  12 session “bundle” -$900 paid in advance (12 sessions = $900) Includes a hardcopy of “Energy Leadership” by Bruce D. Schneider; the Energy Leadership Index Assessment (an online assessment which will help you understand exactly who you are being and why, in this very moment in your life) and a special 90 minute session to debrief the results(retails @ $590)

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"I accept my body, my mind, my thoughts, my actions, my life, my past and future.

I am blessed for I know who I am: a unique expression of the Universe."