Judy Oldziey - Judy O Life CoachAs a Certified Professional Life Coach, Judy loves to partner with her clients on their life’s journey because they are ready to take life-changing actions to create more balance, joy and fulfillment in their lives.  Her own life has been a journey of discovering her unique capacities which she brings to the coaching experience.

As a young woman, Judy was told that she had the capacity to listen deeply and hear with the heart. This led her to pursue an undergraduate degree in Psychology. But a young marriage immediately following graduation required her to earn a living rather than pursue graduate study. New York’s Wall Street paid very well and this started a 15 year career in the financial industry. Her marriage was short-lived and ended in heart break and divorce after 3 years.

Her career blossomed with financial success and deep friendships and a loving extended family. Her sister, a widowed single mother, selflessly permitted her to experience the joys of motherhood. Her sister’s two children have deeply embraced her as their second mom. This is an amazing gift for someone unable to have her own.  As a proud mom, her son is a physician and her daughter is continuing graduate studies.

As the years progressed, Judy yearned to sing her “soul’s song” as well as find her spiritual center and compass.  Working in financial services in Long Island, she pursued advanced degrees in Marriage & Family Therapy. While completing her Master’s Degree, she attended a spiritual retreat weekend in Maine which brought her to a point of taking her own “life-changing actions”.  She found her spiritual core by embracing the Baha’i Faith and met the man who was to become her “soul mate”.

Six months later, she was married and left all that she knew and loved in Long Island for a new adventure in Dover, Delaware. Her beloved husband also has two children. So she undertook all the challenges that come with an older blended family. Also, using her experience in financial services, she decided to assist her husband and became a co-owner in his existing financial planning practice.  Along the way, they decided to hire a life coach.  This had a major impact on both their business and personal lives. With the help of their coach, they crafted a very successful, top of the line financial planning practice, which has been a true labor of love and dedication. They also consciously created a life of balance that included many facets of sharing joy, serving others and self-discovery. Yet, Judy still yearned to tap into that ‘old feeling’ of singing her soul’s song once again.  

With the financial planning practice at a mature level, Judy once again began exploring her calling.  She found that she deeply resonated with the ‘Core Energy™’ philosophy of iPEC  (Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching).  It aligned with both her spiritual core as well as her “way of being”.  She undertook an intensive training program and earned her certification as a Professional Life Coach and an Energy Leadership™ Index Master Practitioner.  

As a Life Coach, she continues to learn and grow as a person. Judy comments, “My life is continually being enriched as I partner with my clients - seeing their transformation and hearing their expressions of joy as they are being awakened to who they truly are; - their sense of feeling alive and actually having the freedom to live the life of their choosing.”

"Each moment describes who you are and gives you the opportunity to decide if that’s who you want to be."